“Terry Fox still inspires me by his stamina, and his commitment”

Dr. Michael Johnston, TFRI Atlantic Node leader
“In 1980, when Terry was involved in his run, I was a young thoracic surgeon at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. My job was to remove cancers that had spread to the lung, very much like Terry’s.

When Terry began his run, not only myself, but my team and my patients were quite interested in this young man. These were young people that had the same disease; young people who were going through the same cancer journey. When they saw this brave young Canadian with an artificial leg making his way through Canada, boy, it caught their attention.

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“They were so impressed, so impressed that this was somebody who showed them that there was hope for their disease, hope for the entire cancer project and that cancer research was going somewhere. It was quite enabling for these young patients of mine. For me as a young surgeon and cancer researcher, it showed me that something special was happening. Today, Terry Fox still inspires me by his stamina and his commitment.”

Dr. Michael Johnston
Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute
Dalhousie University
TFRI Atlantic Node leader