“It’s such a personal, heroic story”

Dr. Gerald Johnston, Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute, Dalhousie

“At the time that Terry Fox ran, I don’t think a lot of people talked about cancer. It was like so many diseases today that suffer from public misconception — people just didn’t talk about it. Something Terry Fox did was cast a really bright light on the fact that cancer is a real problem, and one we all need to grapple with. It’s not a rare disease or a rare set of diseases, it’s very prevalent.”

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“The Terry Fox story, and Terry’s mature vision of what was needed, and then his family’s unfaltering dedication to get that message out, is truly inspiring. The family always said that Terry never thought of himself as a hero, but come on! To take on that kind of task, then for his family to continue it with passion that they do, is truly remarkable. It’s such a personal, heroic story.”

Dr. Gerald Johnston
Dalhousie University
TFRI PPG Scientific Committee on Research Excellence (SCORE)
Strategic Training in Health Research Program at CIHR;
Terry Fox Career Scientist